Types of Programs

SERVAS home stays provide insight into the political, cultural and social realities that face people of diverse cultures and backgrounds around the world. Both the traveler and the host are necessary for this home stay to occur! You can choose to be a traveler, a host or both. As a traveler more than 15,000 homes in over 135 countries around the world are open to you. As a host you can travel without even leaving your own home. We invite you to read below about our Travel Programs and our Host Programs and find the best program for you!

SERVAS Travellers

Anyone at least 18 years old, having an open mind and a desire to meet ordinary people in different countries of the world so as to better understand the country and its people, can become a SERVAS traveller. A SERVAS traveller will find "open doors" in about 100 countries where there are SERVAS hosts who are interested in meeting and welcoming SERVAS travellers into their homes.

A SERVAS host will normally provide a bed for two nights to approved SERVAS travellers and usually invite the traveller to share in the breakfast and evening meal. This gives the traveller an opportunity to meet the local people and better understand its people than if he were to visit the country as an ordinary tourist.

A SERVAS traveller receives a letter of introduction which is signed, stamped and dated and is the traveller's 'passport' in SERVAS. The letter of introduction is valid for one year, but can be renewed if necessary. A SERVAS traveller also receives a "Host List" for each country that he/she is planning to visit. The traveller must contact the hosts in advance to fix up a meeting or a stay with the hosts. It is not necessary to be a SERVAS host in order to become a SERVAS traveller. To become a SERVAS Traveler, please click here


SERVAS has a network of hosts spread over about 100 countries. These SERVAS hosts are happy to welcome approved SERVAS travellers into their homes irrespective of the race, religion or nationality of the traveller. Thus, SERVAS is able to offer its members "open doors" in most countries of the world. In fact, the hospitality offered by the "open doors" is the cornerstone of SERVAS.

SERVAS hosts provide a bed for two nights to approved SERVAS travellers and usually invite the traveller to share in the breakfast and evening meal. Some SERVAS hosts can accommodate just one traveller at a time while there are others who can accommodate two or more travellers. Sometimes a host may invite a traveller to stay on for more than two days, but normally a traveller is required to leave after two days unless the host on his own invites the traveller to stay on. The host is not expected to provide transport for the traveller, although some hosts may want to show travellers places of interest in their areas. SERVAS travellers are expected to reimburse their hosts for any telephone calls they make from the host's telephone.

Sometimes a host may not be in a position to accommodate a traveller. In such cases, the host can say a polite "no" to the traveller. If possible, the host may help the traveller in finding some other SERVAS host in the area, but this is not obligatory on the part of the host.

There are also some SERVAS "day hosts", who are unable to offer accommodation to travellers but are happy to meet them, chat with them or invite them for meals or find time to show them interesting places. Become a SERVAS Host!

To become a SERVAS Host or a SERVAS Day Host, please click here